Wikipedia defines Music in advertising as “the most common technique for aiding memorability and hence product recall”. This definitely explains why we usually get hooked to certain songs in ads or immediately relate a jingle with a certain product. Take, for example, the famous MTN jingle. Immediately you hear it, even without saying a word, you know it is MTN, everywhere you go. This is such a powerful tool in brand personalization and will absolutely get you the right ad impressions for the right targeted audience.

Developing the score has many components according to what vision one is trying to achieve for the ad. The vision varies from brand awareness, customer acquisition, education, promotion, offer, etc. From knowing your vision and target audience, the next steps are quite easy. Here’s how you can achieve that greatness;

Make it catchy

Knowing your target audience is very key in personalizing the message and music score. There is always an emotional intention behind the picture & sound. That is where music grabs the horn. It brings your story to life. Ever wonder why some ads are really hard to forget even after years. It is the musical content behind it. This subconsciously pushes buyers to purchase your product even without much thought or prompt. It is very important for your ad to be memorable.

In ” Understanding Jingles and Needledrop: A Rhetorical Approach to Music in Advertising, ” a journal by Linda M. Scott, she explains that there is a specific theory where music plays as a useful component that bonds a customer to a product without their full cognitive involvement. This explains why the choice of music can affect ad impressions if it does not resonate with the right target audience. Influence the audience by creating the perfect jingle for your brand. This should be so catchy and so easy to remember as the human brain memorizes repeated sounds.


For an ad to get high ad impressions, it should be highly relatable to the target audience so that they can easily purchase the product/ service being advertised. The music or comical aspect in an ad also influences how fast the ad goes viral especially in this digital era. The more interesting and relatable an ad is, the higher the ad impression. Music is viewed as an important background feature in advertising because of its wide use and ability to enhance viewer arousal and affect. This is why trending songs are used for ads lately to influence the audience and cause an emotional & buying effect. Using a known artist or relatable song can convert viewers into buying prospects. However, this is quite expensive as obtaining rights is not a walk in the park. Therefore an alternative can be music composition for your ad which has different components. Learn more here.

What’s your Story?

Not every ad should have an extravagant music background. Tailor the perfect script and music for the audience type. Make it entertaining and extravagant if your audience demographic is large and inclusive. For a highly described target audience for example the corporate, keep it simple concise, and a bit entertaining. Keeping it simple can mean composing a subtle music score in the background or creating a catchy lyrical rhythm. Lyrics tied with rhythm are a concise way to put a message across in a short minimum ad time of 15 seconds.

If you’re promoting a new offer or subscription, it definitely has to be enticing, entertaining, and very catchy to be able to influence. This might not be the same approach for an educational advert as it has to be subtle and connecting. The music does not necessarily have to tie with the ad message. It is like seasoning to a curry, just there in the background adding all the right flavors, moving the emotions, and causing a call to action effect.

In Conclusion,

We have seen how important music is in creating rapport with the targeted ad audience. Consider an ad as a meal. How well done and fully prepped it contributes to the success of the ad and its customized set vision.

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  1. September 25, 2021 at 11:26 am

    Amazing – And we know that music is a medium that reaches deeper into the human soul. So we are able to use it “Manipulatively”. With only 30 Sec or 45 Sec of screen time how do you make someone get the message – Music is one of the strongest mediums

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