May 2, 2022Audio Post Production 3200

Audio Post-Production

  Speaker Calibration Many in the industry suggest mixing sound for a film at 85dB, but in smaller room environments, this can be too loud, causing ear fatigue and other issues.  I suggest mixing at 79dB, and when you think you are done, do one or two passes through at 85dB to double-check.  This should give you a fairly accurate listening environment without ear fatigue.  In larger rooms, you may be able to mix at the 85dB level, and in really big rooms you would calibrate each speaker individually.  Now when you listen through the program if elements are too loud bring them down, too quiet bring them up. Trust your ears. If your picture editor is experienced and good at audio restoration, you may get a dialogue track with good levels and already cleaned up.  There is a good chance though that you are going to be left with […]

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