First Edition

We developed the Quad-A Academy Project to facilitate audio engineers’ training and build thriving careers in the entertainment industry in Africa. As a result, the audio engineers were equipped with the necessary skills to work on quality content produced in the region. After the audio engineers received certification, they started jobs at various Audio Post facilities and began their careers. The Academy aims at training more students alongside implementing partners across the continent. 

Year of Implementation 2 Years 


Following our strategic direction plan to become the best audio production facility in East and Central Africa by 2025 and in Africa by 2030, these are our objectives.

Objective 1: 

To reduce the knowledge gap in Audio engineering across Africa while creating career opportunities, especially for women and aspiring Audio Engineers. 

Objective 2: 

To develop the required skill set in Audio Production and post-production for the Film industry

Objective 3: 

To change the negative perceptions towards Audio Production in the Film Industry

Countries Implemented: Nigeria, Kenya, Uganda 

Project Partners

The British Council, AFD, Motiv, The Innovation Village, Africallia, I&P Investments, Bayimba, Zuh Culture, Dolby Institute, Gemini Africa 

We targeted 10 Audio Engineers for the first Corhot and received over 200 applications across Africa. We managed to get 30% of the ten audio engineers to be women and 70% to be men. 


We trained 10 Audio Engineers for six intense months ending 29th July 2022. We carried out examinations for one week in the different modules. And the students were awarded Certificates at the end of the Course. We hired the best, and the rest were employed in the various post houses across the continent to build their career. The students also got to work on two Amazon Prime Originals during their training. The students also managed to work using industry-standard equipment. 

Third Edition

This year’s edition focuses on the art of FOH and Broadcast Production. With renowned Audio Experts in the Industry, the training introduces students to the basics and equips them with Audio Production principles. The course focuses on four key aspects of Production. At the end of the program, the students will be examined and the outstanding students will be awarded certification.


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