Course Requirements:

  • Prior knowledge of the fundamentals of audio production and the physics of sound.
  • Good quality pair of headphones: Audio Technica MX50 or the like.
  • Knowledge of production software: Logic Pro, ProTools, Ableton, or the like.
  • A properly functioning laptop with minimum processor speeds of 2.5GHz and a minimum of 8Gb RAM, with a minimum of 500GB of storage space.  
  • If you have any inquiries or questions, kindly reach the HEAD OF THE ACADEMY at academy@quad-a.com  


Fees structure and payment policy:

  • Full payment of 1,200,000 UGX  or $350 should be paid before the commencement of the course. Details of payment will be shared after application. 


NB: Funds are non-refundable once the Academy has confirmed your application.

Download the brochure below:

Quad – A Brochure 2024

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