Our Story

Founded in March 2000 by Ahuurra Andrew, and incorporated in 2012 as a company, Quad-A ® is an Audio Production and Post facility known for premium and industry-standard audio solutions for various industries. Quad-A ® currently serves clients in various regions such as Europe, the USA, West Africa, East Africa, North Africa, Southern Africa, the Middle East, and more… We offer a wide range of audio services for various industries tailor-made to meet the clients needs.

To see Africa as the best choice of entertainment and audio technology around the world.

Quad-A | Records ®’s mission is to rebrand Africa through sound by delivering high-quality audio productions, educating the next generation of audio engineers, Innovation, and global distribution of new audio products and services.

  1. Thinking Big
  2. Focused on Customer’s Needs
  3. Exceed Expectations
  4. Working Smart
  5. Always Evolving
  6. Courageous
  7. Togetherness
  8. Loyalty

Our Milestones

Quad-A is founded and begins audio production services with local Artists

Quad-A is Incorporated and launches new services like live recording, Scoring, Signature tunes, Audio Post Production

Quad-A starts servicing major local corporations and agencies – Mukwano, Care, USAID, World Vision, and more…

Work with international corporations and artists – Disney, HBO, CNN, Hugh Masekela, Morgan Heritage and more…

New 3D Audio products are developed for Airlines, Tourism, Travel industries.

  • First Ugandan Oscar Qualification – Kyenvu Awarded
  • Best Short Film at PAFF – Kyenvu
  • Nomination for Best Soundtrack at AMVCAs
  • Awarded Best Sound at UFF for Veronica’s Wish.

Partnership with Dolby ® Laboratories.

Our Process

Identity (Client)

  • Who is the client? (whats their DNA);
  • What do they Need? (Whats the Need);
  • What do we do? (Whats the Service);
  • Why the approach? (Rationale);
  • How do we do it? (Develop Models);

Message (Client’s Target)

Who are they? Where are they? What’s their lifestyle? What do they listen to?

  • Concept Proposals
  • Testing
  • Concept Approval
  • Create a prototype addressing the need

We then make the final product (having understood the client) through the required media of communication.

  • Production,
  • Recording,
  • Editing,
  • Mixing,
  • Mastering
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