Ahuurra AndrewAhuurra Andrew

Managing Director

Time with Company: 10 Years
Experience: Over 20 years
Specialisation: Audio Engineering


    Ahuurra Andrew epitomizes excellence in the realm of audio engineering and production. With a career spanning over 20 years, Andrew has meticulously cultivated a diverse skill set and amassed a wealth of experience within the audio service industry. His credentials, including certifications from Dolby® Technologies and Film Skills, underscore his unwavering commitment to mastering the intricacies of his craft.

    Andrew’s professional journey is punctuated by accolades and nominations from esteemed institutions such as AMVCA, Festival de Cannes, KALASHA, and more, testament to his outstanding contributions and unparalleled talent within the field. His adeptness in composing and scoring music for various mediums, from film to television to documentaries, showcases a nuanced understanding of storytelling through sound.

    In the realm of audio post-production, Andrew’s expertise shines through as he navigates essential elements such as sound design, Foley, and ADR with precision and artistry. His prowess in music production yields high-quality compositions that resonate with audiences on a profound level, a testament to his innate creativity and technical proficiency.

    Andrew’s specialization in immersive mixing for Dolby® formats elevates the auditory experience, transporting listeners into immersive sonic landscapes that captivate the senses. Moreover, his mastery in live and broadcast sound mixing ensures unparalleled audio quality for a myriad of live events and broadcasts, where precision and reliability are paramount.

    Beyond his creative endeavors, Andrew’s commitment to knowledge dissemination and mentorship is commendable. As an educator and mentor, he imparts his wealth of experience to aspiring professionals, nurturing the next generation of audio engineers and producers with a blend of expertise and passion.

    In addition to his professional achievements, Andrew’s role as a judge in esteemed platforms such as the Silverback Awards 2023, the Regional Film Competition 2024, and the Uganda Film Festival 2024 further cements his status as a respected authority within the industry. His discerning eye and expertise contribute to shaping and recognizing excellence within the audio-visual landscape.

    In summary, Ahuurra Andrew stands as a consummate professional and an expert in the field of audio engineering and production. His unwavering dedication to excellence, coupled with his profound impact on the industry and commitment to mentorship, solidifies his legacy as a trailblazer and visionary within the realm of sound.


    • Composing and scoring music for Film, T.V, games, Animations and Documentaries

    • Dialogue Editing,  Sound Design, Foley, ADR

    • Immersive mixing ( Dubbing | Re-Recording ) for Dolby ®, DTS, Auro3D, iMAX formats

    • Arranging • Music Composition • Synthesising • Tracking • Mixing • Mastering • Feild Recording • Studio Recording…

    • Acoustics • Audio Engineering • Dolby™ Technologies • Dante™ • Avid • Davinci Resolve • Adobe…

    • PAFF • ZIFF • AMVCA • TIFF • OSCAR Qualification • DIFF • CANNES

    • AVID ProTools • Logic Pro X • Nuendo • Abelton • Reaper • Fruityloops • StudioOne


    Management 90%
    Composing 98%
    Consultation 92%
    Audio Engineering 98%
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