Audio Engineering students receive training in recording, mixing, and editing, a foundation in the physics of sound and electricity, and an in-depth survey of popular music fundamentals. Students learn engineering techniques from experts with plenty of hands-on lab experience as they master the equipment in world-class studios. Following the end of the training, a choice between focus in music recording or post-production, students culminate their studies with either a music album project or a film or TV project. They must capture, edit, and mix all dialogue, music, and sound effects.


Whether you want to work in music production, post-production for film or TV, live sound, radio broadcasting, sound design, game sound, or in one of the many different areas of the audio industry, the Certification gives you the knowledge and practical skills required for a successful career.


  • Music Producer
  • Jingle Producer
  • Sound Designer
  • Studio Engineer
  • Recording Engineer
  • Mixdown Engineer
  • Mastering Engineer
  • Post Production Engineer
  • Pro Tools Operator
  • FOH Engineer
  • Monitor Engineer
  • Theatre Sound
  • Supervising Sound Editor
  • Radio Producer
  • Location Recordist
  • Sound Mixer
  • Foley Artist Boom Operator
  • Sound Artist

Industry Sectors

  • Music Production
  • Sound for moving image (TV, Film, Web)
  • Application of Sound in Business
  • Advertising Corporate Sound
  • Events & Conferences
  • Sound for Games
  • Artist Exhibition
  • Tourism Audio Solutions (Hospitality, Museums, Airlines)
  • Medical Solutions (Immersive audio Therapy )


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