Re:  Invitation to Bid

Bids are invited for the purchase of assorted Vintage/second hand studio and office
equipment and assets at QUAD A Records Office. 

Instructions to Bidders
  • The General public is allowed and invited to bid for the assets/equipment
  • Due to the ongoing global pandemic, we shall NOT allow prospective bidders to
    view items at our office but rather we have attached all necessary pictorials of
    the items for your selection. Kindly don’t hesitate to reach out to us for any
  • All bidders are required to send in their bids Before 31st August 2021 by 1700 hours. Bids submitted thereafter shall be rejected. (Click here to Bid).
  • The Disposal Committee will review the bids and upon approval by
    Management or designate will announce the winners by 1st October 2021 on our company website
  • Payments must be done in the bank as per company Account Details below
    and receipted not later than 1st October 2021
  • All successful bidders will be required to have collected their items upon
    presentation of the payment receipt to the Disposal Committee not later than
    not later than 29th October 2021
  • Bidding currency is in Ugandan Shillings

Company account details:

Company Name: Quad A Records Ltd
Bank Name: DFCU Bank
Account Number: 01983501000412



NB: Do not hesitate to contact us at for any clarification, you may require.

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