May 4, 2022Audio Post Production 1420

How Foley Sounds Are Made

The What? In the process of making movies and video production, there are times when the sounds on set aren’t realistic enough. This is where Foley comes in using real-life objects to create sounds for the film. In this blog article, we will take you through what Foley design is and how Foley sound sounds are made. Foley is the human interactio …

May 2, 2022Audio Post Production 1890

Audio Post-Production

  Speaker Calibration Many in the industry suggest mixing sound for a film at 85dB, but in smaller room environments, this can be too loud, causing ear fatigue and other issues.  I suggest mixing at 79dB, and when you think you are done, do one or two passes through at 85dB to double-check.  This should give you a fairly accurate listening environment without ear fatigue.  In larger rooms, you may be able to mix at the 85dB level, and in really big rooms you would calibrate each speaker individually.  Now when you listen through the program if elements are too loud bring them down, too quiet bring them up. Trust your ears. If your picture editor is experienced and good at audio restoration, you may get a dialogue track with good levels and already cleaned up.  There is a good chance though that you are going to be left with the job of restoring the audio quality of the dialogue track.  Here is a shortlist of the tasks you will undertake, and the order they should fall in: Importing Session Files Most likely your picture editor is going to want to send you an OMF or AAF session file with all the audio data.  I have worked in three different DAWs for post-production, Ableton Live, Logic Pro, and Pro Tools, and unfortunately only one of the three imports the OMF and AAF files properly…. Pro Tools.  Logic is super close.  It imports the tracks and the automation, but not the track names, and that can be super frustrating when you have a large session to work on.  Ableton Live doesn’t accept these files at all.  Pro Tools shows it’s strength in this area.  You import the AAF and there you are with all your tracks laid out with the proper names, and all the automation.  This can save you a bunch of time. If the price tag on Pro Tools is too steep, Logic would be my second choice for audio post-production, but you will have some cleanup and organizing to do before you really get to start working.  Another […]

March 25, 2022Consultation 1550

3 Things You Need To Know About Film Dubbing

Dubbing made its debut in 1927 when Warner Brothers released The Jazz Singer, which featured both silent and sound sequences (although it is considered a silent film because no dialogue was recorded during shooting). Two years later, German filmmaker Fritz Lang released Woman in the Moon, which was dubbed into English for an American audience — mak …

February 15, 2022Academy 1750

Quad-A Academy: First Audio Engineering Class of 2022

The Launch Quad-A launched program and the academy on 7th February, 2022 in the presence of students, learning facilitators and implementing partners. It was a watershed moment truly inspiring for all in presence as it is a stepping stone especially for the creative industry and aspiring audio professionals. This is one of the most exciting times i …

December 7, 2021Consultation 1970

What Makes A Successful Audio Engineer

Are you looking to start your career in Audio Engineering? Many successful Audio Engineers possess special qualities in common that have made them who they are. In this blog article, I will guide you on some of the necessary and required qualities needed to become an A-game audio engineer. 1. Creativity It is imperative for one to see creativity as a …

November 8, 2021Academy 6990

Quad-A Academy – Cohort 1

Do you want to start or grow your career as an Audio Engineer? Are you passionate about quality content and looking for an opportunity to tap your full potential? Join the Quad-A Academy and be part of the vision of Rebranding Africa through sound while gaining extensive knowledge to kick-start your career in Audio Engineering. Quad-A | Records ® &#821 …

September 16, 2021Sound Design 2321

How Music can transform your Ad from Basic to Top-tier

Wikipedia defines Music in advertising as “the most common technique for aiding memorability and hence product recall”. This definitely explains why we usually get hooked to certain songs in ads or immediately relate a jingle with a certain product. Take, for example, the famous MTN jingle. Immediately you hear it, even without saying a …

September 10, 2021Consultation 4690

5 Reasons why Sound Design is important in Film Production

This week, we dive into the relevance of sound design in film and media production. Over time, the significance of sound design in films has been subverted but many projects have failed because of poor or disorganized sound. Here are 5 Reasons why you should never underestimate the power of good sound design. 1. Sound is the honey pot Fact is that vi …

March 30, 2021Academy 3750

Free Film Mixing Course

Film mixing is the process of combining the different sonic elements for film into a final sound. Day 1 Day 2 Day 3 Whatsapp: +256 392 002051 Email: …

December 12, 2018Audio Post Production 2570

The Film Industry Making films in Uganda Ahuurra’s take on the film Industry 1 Ahuurra’s take on the film Industry 2       …

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